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Our 60 count bottle is an estimated 2 month supply for your Sheltie.

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We stand behind the technology with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We are interested in long-term satisfied customers. We want your pets to get the benefits that 1TDC™ provides or give you your money back! No questions asked.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about 1TDC™:

  • What does 1TDC™ mean?

    1-TetraDecanol Complex, which is the molecular name. 1TDC™ is a patented blend of fatty acid oils.
  • If my pet is allergic to beef can I use 1TDC™?

    Yes, allergies come from protein and 1TDC™ is a fatty acid. So, your pet should be safe.
  • What is 1TDC™ made from?

    1TDC™ is a proprietary blend of fatty acid oils from beef tallow derived from grass-fed animals.
  • Does 1TDC™ replace the need for a dental cleaning?

    NO. Teeth cleaning is critical to remove plaque and tartar, a key element to oral health. 1TDC™ addresses the other part of oral health. It targets the health of the gums directly. 1TDC® should be used with every dental cleaning and procedure because it complements and enhances those procedures. Additionally, 1TDC™ is an excellent choice in situations when teeth cleaning cannot be performed for some reason.

1TDC™ Dosage Chart

Our 60 count bottle is an estimated 2 month supply for most Shelties.
Pet Weight
Loading Dose First 30 Days
Maintenance Dose
less than 25lbs
1 per day
1 every other day
26 to 50lbs
2 per day
1 per day
51 to 75lbs
3 per day
2 per day
76 to 100 lbs
6 per day
3 per day

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