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You shouldn't be the only one with a healthy mouth

A revolutionary, natural gum health supplement

Easy Application:

This unique technology is highly and rapidly absorbed, whether applied topically on the gums or taken orally in capsule form.

Vet Approved:

Major veterinarian hospitals and leading dentists are adopting 1TDC as a standard protocol.


1TDC is significantly less expensive than other supplements and provides twice the benefits, supporting both gum and joint health.

All Natural:

1TDC™ is a blend of fatty acids that are derived from beef tallow, then formulated into a unique complex in a cGMP food-grade facility in the USA.

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A Warning Sign of Gum Health Issues is Bad Breath

Periodontal and Joint
  • Oral Health 1TDC

    Oral Health 1TDC™

  • Joint Health

    Joint Health 1TDC™

  • Performance & Recovery 1TDC

    Performance & Recovery 1TDC™

  • Skin & Coat Health 1TDC

    Skin & Coat Health 1TDC™

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Why is Periodontal disease in Sheltie's common?

Sheltie's have a predisposition to be at an increased risk for periodontal disease. Your Sheltie's long muzzle and narrow jaw often result in improper chewing allowing plaque to accumulate on the teeth easier. Listen as our CMO and board certified veterinary dentist, Dr. James Anthony describes how to combat this predisposition. It is so important to control plaque and inflammation from occurring in these breeds so you can prevent periodontal disease from ever developing.

Dr. Anthony, Boarded Veterinary Dentist, CMV

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What Are Other Pet Owners Saying?

  • Lynzie Bacchus

    July 30, 2018

    I have tried a lot of joint supplements with my 12 year old border collie that has EPI. They all have upset his stomach or do not work on him. With in 2 weeks of using the 1TDC I can not believe the difference in my boy. Thank you this will be part of the crews daily supplements.

  • Marni Ivy Bellavia

    April 18, 2018

    I've been using this product on my Sheltie and mini aussie for years and it has helped keep their gums in healthy condition as well as fewer dental cleanings a year. I just started my puppy on it once his permanent teeth came in so I'm pretty excited to see how it works on brand new adult teeth. My guess is it will be fantastic.

  • Nicole L. Kelly

    June 26, 2017

    This product has improved our canine athlete and retired dogs' overall recovery time from exercise, joint and periodontal health!

  • V I N C E & K E R S E Y

    July 1, 2019

    @1tdcpet time is their favorite time! Part of our nightly routine for teeth and joints, we even double up before and after long weekends of play/competition/hiking!

  • eloisefluff

    August 16, 2019

    Tigger had horrible gum problems that made eating kibble hard for him. As you can see this is no longer the case. He started taking @1TDCpet about a year ago and saw major improvement in his gums in less than a month! Now a year later he can eat everything the other kitty’s can!