Hear what Susan has to say about 1-TDC® and why her pack uses it.

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"I'm happy to stand up and wave the flag for 1-TDC®. My dog Encore is absolute living proof of what a difference it made to her leg. For 2 years we had to lift her to get into the motorhome. She now flies up and down the motorhome steps all on her own. All of my dogs get 1-TDC®."

Susan Garrett
Multi Time National & World Champion of Agility

Superior Health & Performance

4 in 1 Wellness & Performance Solution

1-TDC® helps maintain your dog's Explosive Muscular Power, Stamina, Recovery, and Health throughout their athletic career and beyond.

“I found out about 1-TDC® in the summer of 2014. I have been using the product with my four dogs, as well as myself, ever since. My 7 year old Sheltie, Dreamer, has since become a two time National Champion, a three time WAO team member (and two time WAO Gold Medalist), and a three time AKC FCI World Team Member.

1-TDC® helps to keep her running in top condition. After being on the product, my 13 year old Sheltie, with degenerative discs, was playing with my other dogs... something he hasn't done in years.

I also use the 1-TDC® human lotion to help with migraines and a bad back... It works incredibly well! I love the 1-TDC® products... One of the few things I have tried that I can say TRULY works!!!

Abbey Beasley
2015,2016,2017 WAO and AKC World Team Member
2016 WAO Gold medalist

1-TDC® Delivers Superior Health and Performance - Keeping Your Athlete In The Game! Maintain their explosive muscular power with 1-TDC® throughout their career.