Skeptical? So was Dr. Anthony…

until he conducted his own double-blind research at the University of Saskatchewan.


Dr. James Anthony was doubtful that the 1-TDC® claims could possibly be true after reading the research published in the Journal of Periodontology (2007) (2009)

So, he put it to the test in his own double-blind study at The University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. James Anthony’s research demonstrated positive results beyond these studies!

Today, he lectures internationally about how 1-TDC® changes the way veterinarians can manage the health of their patients.

Over the years, Dr. James Anthony has successfully used 1-TDC® clinically in more than 9,000 cases.

“Based on a study I performed at The University of Saskatchewan, I was amazed at the positive results from the use of the 1-TDC® technology (unique fatty acid oils). All periodontal measurements in the test animals improved significantly. The more I use the 1-TDC® technology, the more impressed I am.”  

– Dr. James Anthony, BSc(Agr), DVM, MRCVS, FAVD, DAVDC, DEVDC, Pag

1-TDC® was recently published in the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (2019).

Click to read the research abstract. 

Cole & Marmalade use 1-TDC®

What are Veterinary Specialists saying about 1-TDC®?

Sherman O. Canapp Jr.
Chief of Staff/Owner, VOSM

“Performance dog owners come to VOSM/me all the time looking for the newest innovation in sports medicine that will help their canine athlete. 1-TDC® is a fantastic supplement that incorporates 1-Tetradecanol Complex, a blend of fatty acids, to provide a 4-in-1 wellness regimen for your dog. To maximize benefits, 1-TDC® can be applied orally and serves as a tasty supplement that improves joint, oral, and skin health while increasing stamina and maintaining a healthy recovery in your athlete. 

I highly recommend 1-TDC®!

“Finding the proper nutraceutical to incorporate into your pets’ wellness plan is so crucial and can be difficult with all the products on the market. 1-TDC® sets itself apart from other supplements with its key ingredient of 1-Tetradecanol Complex, a blend of fatty acids that complements well with other supplements to serve as a comprehensive tool for your pets’ health.  1-TDC® not only improves oral health, but promotes increased performance and enhances your pets’ joint health with a focus on mobility and comfort.  I strongly believe in the impact of this product and recommend it to anyone looking to incorporate an easy to use and well balanced supplement into their pets’ routine.”

Debra A. Canapp,
Medical Director/Owner, VOSM

Brook Niemiec

“Based on my research and clinical experience 1-TDC® is a safe effective and natural product for decreasing periodontal inflammation.” 

“We work extensively with clients regarding their home care options.  1-TDC® is unique in it’s ability to combat and soothe gingivitis as well as for patient acceptance.  We also find that it is not uncommon for our smaller patients to see improvements in their arthritis symptoms.  We recommend 1-TDC® in combination with proper dental care!”

Kristin Scott

1-TDC® is an essential supplement for K9 Sports handlers!


Dr. Pardiac practices in Guelph, Canada. She uses an integrative approach to healthcare for pets by utilizing conventional diagnostics and/or treatment protocols in adjunct with multiple holistic modalities to optimize wellness. Her areas of special interest include acupuncture, traditional Chinese medicine, veterinary spinal manipulation therapy and dental health.

 — Dr. Pardiac is passionate about K9 Sports and is an accomplished Agility and Flyball World Competitor.

Protect your patients’ hip & joint health the way Agility champions do!

Most of the winners you see on award podiums around the country each week use 1-TDC®. The training and competition are intense, and they want the best joint, muscle, ligament, and tendon support for their athletes.

“1-TDC® is helping with joint and muscle health, which enables her to compete at a top level. It helps improve recovery, one of the key elements in maintaining an overall healthy body.  Fame(US) gets 1-TDC® every day with breakfast, it’s just a part of her diet. K9 Sports competitors should be giving 1-TDC® to their dogs and provide every advantage they possibly can—1-TDC® is one of them for me.”

-Jessica Ajoux
Westminister Masters Agility Champion



1-TDC® is a proud Sponsor of the World Agility Open Team USA

How does 1-TDC® compare to other supplements?

Provide your clients with the 4-in-1, cost-effective supplement!

By adding 1-TDC® to your clinic’s offerings, you can introduce your clients to a cost-effective way of protecting their pet’s overall well-being.

With regular use, 1-TDC® will:

  • Promote healthier teeth and gums
  • Increase mobility and decrease joint discomfort
  • Improve athletic performance
  • Bring back coat thickness and shine

How is this possible?

Our formula feeds the body at a cellular level, delivering results you’ll see in your patients each time they come in for their regular checkup.

1-TDC® (1-TetraDecanol Complex) is an advanced cellular lubricant derived from beef tallow and formulated into a unique fatty acid complex in a cGMP food-grade facility in the US.

Additionally, this unique formulation is rapidly absorbed in a high percentage.

And the best part is our formulation is created from natural beef tallow, not enhanced with artificial “meat flavoring.” With 1-TDC®, you’re not only providing your patients with a supplement that will support several aspects of their health but also giving them what they think is a delicious treat!

And, don’t forget the cats…they love 1-TDC® too! This should be your first approach to oral health with your toughest feline patients!


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about 1-TDC®:

  • 1. What does 1-TDC® stand for?

    1-TetraDecanol Complex, which is the molecular name. 1-TDC® is a patented blend of fatty acid oils.
  • Can my patients with a beef allergy use 1-TDC®?

    Yes. Allergies come from protein, and 1TDC™ is a fatty acid. So, any animals allergic to beef should be safe.
  • To what clients should I be recommending 1-TDC®?

    1-TDC® is a supplement that’s safe for use in both cats and dogs. It can be given to animals as soon as their adult teeth come in.
  • What is 1-TDC® made from?

    1-TDC® is a proprietary blend of fatty acid oils from beef tallow derived from grass-fed animals.
  • Where can I find 1TDC™ research?

    Published research can be found here:
  • Will 1-TDC® replace my patients’ need for regular dental cleaning?

    NO! Teeth cleaning is critical for removing plaque and tartar, a key element for oral health. 1-TDC® simply addresses the other part of oral health. It targets the health of the gums directly. 1-TDC® should be used in addition to dental cleanings and other procedures because it complements and enhances your care.

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