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Based on your feedback we would like to provide you with the 1TDC Doggy Breath Guide, so you can learn more about the Ins and Outs of Canine Periodontal disease.

Canine Periodontal disease has four recognizable stages

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Helps with Bad breath

Your 4-legged friend hops on your lap for a well-deserved scratch, but you have to turn your head away to avoid the dreaded “doggy breath.” That bad breath is not normal and needs your attention!

Helps with Joint discomfort

Your energetic friend—once able to jump off the couch with ease—now struggles to get up and down the stairs.

Helps with Matted fur

You pet your Sheltie’s soft, lustrous fur only to be met with tangled strands and thinning spots.

Easy to Administer

Your Sheltie will think 1TDC™ is a daily treat! Our formulation is created from natural beef tallow, not enhanced with artificial “meat flavoring.”

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